9 Reason why Barbados is an ideal place for North Americans to visit

9 Reason why Barbados is an ideal place for North Americans to visit

Beautiful Barbados is a top destination for all! Here are 9 reasons why it’s an exceptional destination for North American visitors in particular.


1. Direct Flights 

Barbados is a hub for the Caribbean. There are regular, direct flights, and seasonal flights from multiple major North American airports making travel to and from that much easier.

Look for direct flights from: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Boston, Charlotte, Dulles, Raleigh, Toronto and Montreal. On Airlines like: Jet Blue, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada and West Jet.


2. Currency 

The Barbadian Dollar is conveniently tied to the US Dollar at a 2:1 ratio, so $1 USD = $2 BBD. This means no confusing exchange rates. When looking at menus or paying your bills, simply divide the price by two for the US Dollar value. Don’t bother to change your US cash into Barbados dollars, US currency is accepted and welcomed island wide!


3. English Speaking 

No need to walk with a translator app as English is the official language of Barbados. Even though some Bajan accents may be strong and difficult to understand, all menus, signage and communication in Barbados is in English. 


4. Home to many Embassies

Barbados is one of the safest places to live and work in the Caribbean and was therefore chosen as the home for many Embassies that represent the entire island region. Barbados is home to the US, Canadian, EU and many other International embassies. This means that if you lose your passport while traveling or need medical, legal or other help, you will have representation from your home country just a short drive away.


5. Affordable Public Transport System 

Barbados has safe and affordable public transport options. There are three types of public transport in Barbados – Transport Board buses (blue with a yellow stripe), Mini buses (yellow with a blue stripe) and ZR Vans (white with a maroon stripe). No matter where you stay, you will find one type or all three on your bus route. 

The standard bus fare in Barbados is BDS$3.50. This is the equivalent of US$1.75, but use local currency; no foreign coins are accepted on the Transport Board buses.



6. Reputable Banks 

Barbados is home to many internationally recognized banks. Citibank operates a merchant bank in Barbados and it is the only U.S. bank located in the jurisdication. The banking sector is mostly dominated by Canadian and regional banks. Canadian banks operating in Barbados include Scotiabank, CIBC and Royal Bank of Canada. ATM machines can be found across the island, especially in petrol stations. You can withdraw cash from your international accounts or use your international credit cards island wide.


7. Safe Location 

Barbados is among the safest Caribbean countries to visit. According to the statistics reported by the United Nations, the crime rates are very low in Barbados. Furthermore, Barbados is known to be a family-friendly destination. Though Barbados is safe, as with any visitor to a foreign country we strongly advise that you remain street smart and avoid travelling alone at night and lock your doors when you leave. 


8. Fabulous Food

Known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, Barbados is home to the best local and international food! Choose from fine dining at Tides, Lonestone or Champers or local street food like Oistins Fish Fry, Cuzz Cutters and Doubles. Missing the taste of North America? You can find All-American favourites like Burger King, Subway, KFC and Starbucks in Barbados. 


9. Awesome Accommodation 

Choose from a resort retreat to a villa vacation and everything in between! Barbados has a range of accommodation options to suit every budget. Looking for an extravagant group vacation you won’t ever forget? Stay at Point of View,HeronettaEvergreen or Happy Trees, some of our favourite Luxury Villas. Or choose for more affordable condo style living at Clarence HousePalm Beach or a quaint villa such as Little Good Harbour House or Seawards.

Contact our team at info@realtorslimited.com to book your accommodation today. 

What Guest Are Saying

Spent the last two weeks in Barbados (aka: Paradise) and stayed at Clarence House. Beautiful, new, well appointed. The perfect home base to explore!

Clarence House, Jamestown Park, St. James, Barbados

Indigo Girl

Stayed in these apartments for Two weeks in February, this is a brand new property which has been well designed and well equipped.

Clarence House, Jamestown Park, St. James, Barbados

Mr. Twoto

We just finished our trip to Grendon House While fresh in my mind - I want to share some feedback of the house, the experience and Barbados in general - as this was our first trip here.

Grendon House, Sandy Lane, St. James, Barbados


Just back from an 8 night stay at Dene Court.

Dene Court, Sandy Lane, St. James, Barbados

John S.

This is our second year at Fosters House and we've already booked year 3. That says it all for us. We love the house and the staff even more.

Fosters House, Lower Carlton, St. James, Barbados - Beachfront

Reynolds, Curtis and Banton Group

Excellent accesibility to Holetown, beaches, and to McGill Bellairs. Perfect mid-day wind-down, quiet at night. Will stay again.

Clarence House, Jamestown Park, St. James, Barbados

Paul and Sharon

Great stay thanks a lot

Clarence House, Jamestown Park, St. James, Barbados


We have just returned from a wonderful stay in Clarence House, Jamestown Park in Holetown. Clarence House is a brand new building which features 12 apartments.

Clarence House, Jamestown Park, St. James, Barbados

R. Gornal

Walk to Holetown or the Beach or the Bus Stop in 2 minutes. Holetown has everything you could need, huge new grocery store and plenty of restaurants.

Clarence House, Jamestown Park, St. James, Barbados


Our vacation was made special by Claire, Catherine, Cheryl and Anthea. Your kindness and caring was warming and loving. Our family is very thankful. P.S.

Fosters House, Lower Carlton, St. James, Barbados - Beachfront


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