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Christmas in Barbados – 3 Bajan Drinks

What is a holiday party without a few Christmas drinks?  Here are the recipes to three Bajan Christmas drinks enjoyed over the holidays. Try making them at home for a taste of a Barbados no matter where you live.


Sorrel is a spiced drink made from dried sorrel flowers and enjoyed at Christmas time. The deep red colour perfectly matches the season! Sorrel has a tart and citrusy flavour. Try it bottled from your Barbados supermarket or try making it at home. 



1 lb dried sorrel

8 cups water

4 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1.5 tablespoons of grated lemon zest

½ grated fresh ginger

1 cup sugar



1.     Place all ingredients in a pot, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 30 minutes. Remove and allow ingredients to steep for up to 24 hours.

2.     Strain and discard the sorrel. Double straining is recommended. Taste and add more sugar or sweetener, as needed. Pour into a jug or bottle and chill.

3.     For added taste, you can add ginger ale to the mixture and for an extra Christmas kick, add some rum! Serve over ice and enjoy!


Bonus – try adding the sorrel flavor to prosecco for a sorrel Bellini or try the Sorrel Bellini at Buzo Osteria Italiana on the south coast of Barbados.

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Bajan Punch-A-Cream or Ponche De Creme, is delicious treat at Christmas time. Made with Bajan Rum and fresh Bajan limes! Listen to this classic calypso song called ‘Drink a Rum and A Punch-A-Cream’ while you try making it at home.



1½ cups dark Bajan rum
4 eggs
1 can condensed milk (415ml)
Angostura Bitters
Grated nutmeg (to taste)
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp vanilla essence.



1.     Combine the rum, milk, eggs, essence and lime juice in a blender.

2.     Sprinkle on a few drops of Angostura Bitters.

3.     Add grated nutmeg and serve chilled.


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Christmas Punch 

Bubbly, festive, and so easy to stir together, Christmas punch is light, refreshing, and not overly sweet. Made with your favourite Bajan Rum for a bold, spicy flavour and cranberry juice for the red Christmas colour. 



Cranberry Juice 
Ginger Ale
Dark Bajan Rum
Sliced Oranges
Fresh Cranberries



  1. Chill all the ingredients 
  2. Fill a large punch bowl with ice, and top with all the ingredients except the oranges and cranberries. Stir to combine. 
  3. Top with the oranges and cranberries to beautify it. ENJOY!


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Whether you try one or try all of these delicious Barbados Christmas specialties always remember to drink responsibly and have a safe and cherry winter season. 



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