Christmastime in Barbados vs 11 Countries around the world.

Christmastime in Barbados vs 11 Countries around the world.

Dreaming of a ‘white sandy’ Christmas? Imagine sipping on sorrel under a coconut tree listening to a Caribbean Christmas carols (listen to some here). Here is a look at Christmastime in Barbados compared to 11 other countries around the world!


Barbados vs London – City Lights

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados is lit up for Christmas like London and other capital cities around the world. Blue and yellow lights are used to decorate buildings from November 1st - the month of Barbados Independence. On December 1st the lights are changed out for red and green Christmas colours. You can also spot festival Christmas lights at roundabouts and homes around the island.


Barbados vs Canada - Temperature

Barbados is a warm 26 – 29 C with a cool island breeze all winter long. The perfect beach weather. In Canada temperatures can get into the minus 20°C range. Escape to a warm Caribbean Christmas on one of the direct flights to Barbados on West Jet or Air Canada.


Barbados vs France – Santa Clause

Santa Clause makes his stop in Barbados on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning. As Barbadian homes are not built with chimneys Santa is said to place his finger on his nose to appear inside your home. In France, Père Noël visits to leave treats inside the shoes (as opposed to stockings) of children who have been good.


Barbados vs Australia – Carols by Candlelight

Australia claims Carols by Candlelight originated as their Christmas Tradition. On Christmas Eve 1937, a radio broadcaster Mr. Banks was walking through Melbourne when he noticed a lone woman listening to carols on her radio next to a lit candle. This inspired him to launch the community event for those without company during the holiday season. The first event was attended by 10,000 people and today has grown to over 85,000.

Inspired by Australia’s event, Barbados also host ‘Carols by Candlelight’ every year (usually) at the Prime Ministers house Ilaro Court. This year the event will be held virtually at the Globe Drive In (due to COVID restrictions). December 2021 marks the 26th year of the event in Barbados.


Barbados vs Norway – The Broom

Bring out your broom, paint and new soft furnishings. In Barbados, Christmas is the season to refresh your home. Many people take the time to go through their closets to donate to the less fortunate or add a fresh coat of paint to their home.

Norway has a quite unorthodox Christmas tradition. Unlike in Barbados, they hide their brooms at Christmastime. This tradition dates back for hundreds of years when people believed that witches would come out on Christmas eve looking for brooms to ride on.


Barbados vs Germany – Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets are thought to have originated in Germany in the year 1310. Today many countries around the world hold Christmas Markets selling craft, food, and toys. In Germany, Christmas Markets can attract upwards of 3 million visitors each (pre-COVID) making Christmas one of the most popular times to travel to Germany.

In Barbados, some schools and farmers’ markets hold ‘Christmas Markets’ leading up to Christmas Day. You can find toys, crafts, and fresh produce available for sale. The set-up is a lot less extravagant but it’s a good opportunity for local entrepreneurs to show case their products and services. Brighton Farmers Market and Holders Market are must visits while on island.


Barbados vs Scotland – Christmas Drinks

Sorrel is the traditional Christmas drink in Barbados. This refreshing red drink has been proven to minimise risk of cancer. The drink contains, dried sorrel plant, cloves, orange zest, fresh ginger, sugar and water. At Christmas you might add a splash of Mount Gay Rum.

In Scotland they enjoy another spice infused drink called The Hot Toddy. This warm drink is a combination of whisky, honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves. It really packs a punch and is great for entertaining in winter.


Barbados vs Japan – Christmas Food

Pineapple and cherry glazed ham with Jug Jug on the side, that’s Christmas Dinner in Barbados (so much so that December has been named National ham season). Jug Jug is a traditional Bajan dish made mostly of mashed pigeon peas in a meat, bone, herbs and spices broth.

Japan does not traditionally celebrate Christmas, so when the ‘Christmas Party Barrel’ was launched in 1974 by Okawara, CEO of KFC Japan, it ‘filled a void’ in the need for a Christmas tradtion and was a huge success. Decades later, the tradition has grown and people in Japan will line up for hours to get a fried chicken dinner.


Barbados vs The USA – Dress

Every Christmas morning, Bajans of all ages stroll through Queen’s Park in fine fashion. The men wear suits tailored just for the event, and the ladies are dressed in ball gowns. This tradition has become so popular that it is aired on TV and the best dressed are featured on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

In the United States the dress is much more cozy and warm – matching Christmas Pajamas. Christmas is all about family time at home by the fireplace, watching movies and opening presents. What better outfits than pajamas, not to mention the cute family photos you can capture year after year.



Barbados vs Jerusalem – Hanukkah

Barbados is home to a large Jewish community, in fact one of the oldest Synagogues in the Western Hemisphere, the Nidhe Israel Synagogue (1654) is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bridgetown and its Garrison. The Jewish Community has many celebrations over Hanukkah. 2021 will be the 4th annual ‘Chanukah in Barbados’ at the Hilton. Guest can expect music, latkes, donuts, drinks and a beachfront Menorah Lighting. Jerusalem is the best place to celebrate the Jewish holidays, starting with a long list of theater plays dedicated to Hanukkah, and sweet and treats similar to what they offer at the celebrations in Barbados.



Celebrate the holidays in Barbados next year. Now is the best time to book your vacation as Barbados is a very popular winter vacation destination. Email our team at to see our fabulous accommodation options from luxury villas, beachfront homes, contemporary condos and more.

What Guest Are Saying

Meena & Jennis, we had an amazing time at Coco in Barbados! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality; we’ll be back!

Coco, Mullins Bay, St. Peter, Barbados

The Backers

Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness. We had a great time and will always have you in our hearts. Food was Declicious!

Coco, Mullins Bay, St. Peter, Barbados

The Feldmans

Just a note to tell you how absolutely wonderful our trip was! Heronetta is a magical spot and the staff, in particular, the cook, Julie, were outstanding.

Heronetta, Sandy Lane Estate, St. James, Barbados - Beachfront

J Sims

Meena & Jennis, thanks for a fantastic time at Coco. It was a lovely vacation for us and we hope to see you again soon.

Coco, Mullins Bay, St. Peter, Barbados

The Yelle's

After 2 long years of not traveling, an absolute pleasure to return to Palm Beach #408. Everything was perfect as always – see you again soon!

The Condominiums at Palm Beach, Apt 408, Christ Church, Barbados

Peter & Wendy N

Great Break, Great Location, Great Villa!!! Sharon and Aranda were 5* all the time, helped us with everything and looked after us always like the Ritz!!

Tara, Sunset Crest, St. James, Barbados

Jon Holwill + 7

We have loved our stay in paradise. Thank you, Megan & Julia for looking after us so well. Hope to return very soon xxxx

Little Good Harbour House, Shermans, St. Lucy, Barbados

Monica,David,Derrie & Chris

Thank you both so much. You bring kindness and thoughfulness which made this an amazing vacation

Little Good Harbour House, Shermans, St. Lucy, Barbados


What can I say, we have had a 7 star holiday.

Coco, Mullins Bay, St. Peter, Barbados

T Henderson

A truly lovely holiday. Janice & Meena made our holiday and for that we thank them. They are frankly both lovely people who enjoy what they do and we thank them both.

Coco, Mullins Bay, St. Peter, Barbados

The Summers

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